Oliver Holbein (2004) –
Managing Director & Marketing

Holbein Carpentry & Joinery Ltd. was established in 2004 by Oliver and his wife Patricia, after he obtained a Higher Certificate in Furniture Production & Manufacturing from GMIT. Oliver has developed the company from humble beginnings, expanding from a workshop adjacent to the family home, to its current location in a much larger workshop in Kenmare. He has overseen the growth of the company’s joinery for both commercial and residential projects, and has developed a strong team to support his vision. Oliver is proud to carry on the carpentry tradition of the Holbein family into its third generation. His primary expertise is in designing stairs. Oliver enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, hill walking and rowing.

Patricia Holbein (2004) –

Since establishing Holbein Carpentry & Joinery, Patricia has provided Oliver with essential support. She emphasises and maintains environmental awareness and sustainable thinking within the company. In particular, she strives to promote consideration and consciousness in the use of natural resources. Patricia has a degree in Environmental Management and is Biodiversity Officer for Kenmare Tidy Towns. She enjoys the outdoors, hill walking and growing flowers and vegetables in the garden.

holbein carpentry michael

Michael O’Sullivan (2017) –
Design Engineer/Sales

Michael has a degree in Materials Technology & Education. He draws on his mechanical, civil, and graphic design experience to generate attractive designs for client’s, unifying their unique requirements and bringing their projects to life. Michael is the contact point for the customer, facilitating the design of each tailor made product. He has also been a driving force in developing a brand and identity for the company by further establishing a reputation, that is associated with unique projects and quality output. Michael enjoys organic farming, various sports, and history.

Colm Holbein (2005) –
Director of Operations & Efficiencies

Colm manages the production on the workshop floor; overseeing all joinery work and assuring quality in every product. He has a degree in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering from CIT. Colm maintains the workshop flow, ensures a safe working environment for the staff, oversees the upkeep and maintenance of the workshop machinery, and encourages lean thinking from our team through his management. His engineering background has been hugely beneficial in establishing an effective production line within the workshop. As a third generation craftsman, Colm has valuable knowledge in woodwork and the product itself. He enjoys cycling, and restoration projects.

Sean O’Sullivan (2013) –
Furniture Production Manager

Sean manages and produces most of the Holbein Carpentry & Joinery furniture projects. He studied Civil Engineering for 3 years. As a master cabinet maker, Sean specialises in kitchens and furniture. His eye for detail and his finesse with working on furniture projects, are crucial to Holbein Carpentry & Joinery & the client. He provides training to new staff members and is a fantastic teacher. Sean gives provides valuable support for Colm in managing the production on the workshop floor. Sean enjoys cycling and being in nature.

Carsten Plaisier (2023) –
Furniture Production & Logistics

Carsten is a qualified carpenter with nearly 30-years’ experience in his field. He graduated his apprenticeship in Bremervörde, Germany, and has worked both on site and in carpentry workshops ever since. Carstens main role involves overlooking the furniture production at Holbein Carpentry & Joinery, as well as assistance in logistics. Carsten enjoys scale model making and hiking.

Jeff Rousseau (2020) –
Financial Controller

Jeff has joined the company during the summer 2020. He is responsible of the purchasing and the day-to-day running of the office. Following his family roots, Jeff has studied Transport & Logistics Management, and had filled many positions in this domain, from truck driver to operations manager. In his free time, you will meet him sea-kayaking on the Kenmare Bay.

Robin Holbein (2004) –
Mechanical Engineer & Lean systems

Robin’s role within the business is as CNC programmer, as well as focusing on system improvements. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Robin’s experience has been beneficial in assisting Holbein Carpentry & Joinery to develop their production and increase knowledge about sustainability and efficiency in the manufacturing process. He enjoys kayaking, fishing, camping, and running.

Jethro O’Neill (2014) –
Contract Fitter

Jethro is a qualified joiner and carpenter. He has a strong attention to detail and ensures that all products are installed to a high standard. He is dedicated and considerate in his approach, which is integral to providing a high level of service to our clients. Jethro enjoys cycling and spending time with his family.

Tomasz Domanski (2014) –
Contract Fitter

Thomas is a qualified carpenter and joiner. He has been self-employed for 13 years. His main expertise is fitting on site and spraying operations in the workshop. His wide range of knowledge in carpentry along with his reliability and attention to detail are a great value to the company. Thomas enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his family.

Jimmy O’Connor (2015) –
Contract Fitter

Jimmy is a qualified carpenter and joiner. He has been self-employed for 21 years. His main expertise is fitting joinery, such as, doors, stairs, and panelling. His consistency and reliability are a great asset to the company. Jimmy enjoys running, cycling, and swimming.

Kevin O’Sullivan (2020) –
Contract Fitter

Kevin is a qualified carpenter and joiner. He has been qualified for over 27 years. His main expertise is fitting kitchens. His consistency and reliability are a great asset to the company. Kevin enjoys walking and cycling.

Winfried Holbein –

Winfried is Oliver, Colm, and Robin’s father. Born in Germany, he completed an apprenticeship in tool making and gained skills in carpentry and joinery from his father. In the late 1970’s he brought his training and knowledge to Kenmare, Ireland, later teaching his sons his carpentry skills. In the 1980’s, Winfried put his skills and professional knowledge into developing a tree nursery. Then, in the late 1990’s with the help of his sons, he began to focus on joinery. Winfried enjoys sailing and growing trees.

Gaby Holbein –

Gaby, also from Germany, is Oliver, Colm, and Robin’s mother. She is a qualified accountant technician. She managed the business accountancy to support Winfried and Oliver in the early days of Holbein Carpentry & Joinery. Gaby enjoys gardening and knitting.

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge our dedicated apprentices and part-time staff, including our IT and electrical support